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 Podcast Profit LAB™ Program ($2,997)
 Podcast Closing Secrets ($9,997)
 Offer Launch Blueprint ($2,997)
 Podcast Profit Coaching Program 3 x Calls Week* ($9,997)
 High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass + Scripts ($997)
 The Group Hacker Tool ($1,997)
 Podcast Closing Scripts & Interview Questions ($1,997)
 Podcast Agency Blackbook, Systems & Templates ($2,997)

Total Value: $33,976


 BONUS #1: Instant Podcast Closing Masterclass ($2,000)
How to start using podcast closing straight away to make money within the weekend... and email breaking down how to do it
 BONUS #2: Podcast Press Tour System ($3,000)
Jamie takes you through how to step in-front of existing traffics on other shows and facebook groups, to drive traffic to your offers/show/pop-up.
 BONUS #3: The 4 Types Of Pop-Up Podcasts (Podcast Funnels) And How to Use Them In Your Business  ($297)
We're calling pop-up podcasts -- podcast funnels. We break down the 4 different types you can implement to auto-sell and upsell your customers.
 FINAL BONUS: The Copy Vault ($2,997)
Our Copy Vault of all the re-targeting and copy Jamie has ever written, updated constantly
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Brendan K. - Charlotte, North Carolina

"I'm now 7 days after the launch... I have almost 1,000 downloads, 72 podcast reviews, I hit the New & Noteworthy in two categories, I closed $5k in sales, I partnered up with two entrepreneurs that's going to bring me in atleast 5-figures in the next couple of months & I'm getting ready to close a $20,000 client... All those things happened in just the 5 weeks."

Chantelle T. - Mesa, Arizona

“Jamie's ideas on how to generate income with your podcast are stellar!... If you are thinking about launching a podcast or you already have one and you're struggling with how are you going to generate an income from it, you 100% need the 28-Day Podcast Profit LAB.”
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The Unfair Advantage Podcast Cheatsheets (Just $37): I 'cheated' and got you the fast-track cheat sheet to getting the most out of the Podcast Profit LAB and launching your profitable and successful podcast, as soon as possible!

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Ilonka R. - Johannesburg, SA

"I am super thankful for you. Thank you for having this amazing ability of extracting all the good stuff from my brain and putting it on a piece of paper."

Kurt M. - Orlando, Florida

"I have to tell you... I was sceptical about a podcast. Where do they come up with the ideas for talking endlessly? Well, let me tell you how. They must have Jamie in their lives, because he see's things in a way that I'm simply blown away by each and every time we have a session."

Kevin B. - British Columbia, Canada

"Jamie Atkinson has absolutely taken what Russell Brunson has said in Expert Secrets p88 (The Big Domino Statement) and executed on it perfectly. 

I believe the only way to launch a podcast is through Jamie. I'm in his Beta program, and the entire group of us are crushing it."

Dr Janine S. - Montgomery, Texas

"Jamie's System is incredible... from the pre-launch promotions to how to get the biggest reach and impact on Launch Day 1... to continuing forward to grow your audience, attract clients, make sales... it's really impressive!"
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Here's What Our Past & Existing Students Have to Say...

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Lori Lynn - Book Editor & Copywriting Expert
  • Top #200 Business Podcast
  • Top #100 Management & Marketing Podcast
  • ​Closed $3,000 In First 30 Days

"As I started talking to people about launching this podcast and using some of the strategies he shared with me. I actually have leads for my business, that came just from interacting about the podcast." - Lori Lynn

"The things that Jamie shared with our group were revolutionary, and I don't say that lightly... they really were revolutionary." 

Brendan Kelly - Sales Funnel Coach & Consultant
  • Top #200 Business Podcast
  • Top #100 Management & Marketing Podcast
  • ​Closed $25,000+ In First 30 Days

"Just 5 weeks later, and 7 days after the launch... I have almost 1,000 downloads, 72 podcast reviews, I hit the New & Noteworthy in two categories, I closed $5k in sales, I partnered up with two entrepreneurs that's going to bring me in atleast 5-figures in the next couple of months & I'm getting ready to close a $20,000 client... All those things happened in just the 5 weeks." - Brendan Kelly

Serynn Guay - Coach & Consultant 
  • Top 100 Marketing Podcast Host
  • ​Ranked 88 In Marketing Category
  • ​Closed a $3,000 Deal 2 Weeks BEFORE her Podcast Launched!

"It's not an online course that teaches you how to just launch a podcast... his program teaches you how to monetize it. I had no idea what I wanted to do at all at the very beginning. I was able to find my values, figure out who I wanted to serve and find my personal brand."

"It's so easy to figure out how to monetize your podcast, I've made $3,000 in the past two days just from following 1% of what I learned from Jamie." 

Lisanne Murphy - Facebook Ads Agency Expert
  • Top 20 Entrepreneur Podcast Host
  • ​Hit #18 in Entrepreneurship chart in 48 Hours 
  • ​Grew Email List by 8X, Facebook Group 2X In First 30 Days
  • Closed Over $5,000 In First 5 Days of Launching Her Show

"This program was unbelievable, he has a CRAZY amount of content every single day, he walks you through step by step, so you can just sit back and trust that if you do what he says every day, that in 28 days you'll have a podcast that's profitable."

"I've generated over $5,000 and the fruits coming from that are still coming, so that's not even a TOTAL of what I'll generate from the launch of this podcast...

but most importantly I've made some amazing friends from the LAB and the guests I've connected with on my podcast have become good friends and valued people in my network."

Susan Leonardson - Imperfect Webinar Expert
  • Top 200 Marketing Podcast Host
  • #116th in Management & Marketing Podcast
  • ​New & Noteworthy Management & Marketing in 48 Hours

"When I launched my podcast, within 48 hours I reached Top 200 in Management & Marketing!" - Susan Leonardson

"It's July right now and I'm booked through till August of people to interview, and I still have like 100 more people to get to that still want to get scheduled!" 

Reem Kharbat - Business Coach
  • Top 30 Entrepreneur Podcast Host
  • ​Hosted Elena Cardone In Her Podcast Launch
  • ​Closed a $10k Coaching Student Within 60 Days Of Launch

"I have NEVER seen a program in my whole life that has this amount of knowledge, applicable actions, accountability, RESULTS like this one that Jamie Atkinson put together."

"I interviewed Elena Cardone, the women behind the Cardone EMPIRE! Without me having a following, email list or prior experience in podcasting...this program helped me to build authority so quickly along with confidence to do what I was trying to do for the past 365 days!!!" 

Kayce Broening - The Evergreen Entrepreneur
  • #103rd in Business Podcast
  • #62nd in Management & Marketing Podcast

"I signed up and took his podcasting course, and it has totally transformed my life and my mindset about what I am able to do." - Kayce Broening

"He walked me step-by-step through every process, helped me when I needed help, he overdelivered like straight-up crazy, Jamie is incredible."

Matt Woodrum - Family Business Coach
  • Top 50 Entrepreneur Podcast Host
  • ​Helped his daughter launch her own podcast using PPL

"I want to encourage you that if you know you have a message on your heart, if you want to make an impact in people's lives, if you want to do something different... if you want to stop asking yourself what do you want to do when you grow up? 

Go through Jamie's course, get that mindset shift. Because you have a powerful, impactful message that people need to hear."

⬇️ Here Are Some Of Our Clients INSANE RESULTS!! ⬇️
Serynn Guay - Top 50 Marketing Podcast Host
Danny Veiga - Top 50 Entrepreneurship HOST
Matt Woodrum - #35 Entrepreneurship Canada
Donna Gammon - Top 100 HOST - #93 In Self-Improvement
Aaron Civitarese - #2 In Italy (His Home Country)
James Johnson - #26 Entrepreneurship Canada
Jodi Chaffee - Top 100 Podcast Host
Cindy Sue - Top 50 Mental Health Podcast Host
Asyraaf Beat Out The Dean Graziosi Show!
Lisanne Murphy Crushed Her Launch Hitting #18 In The Entrepreneurship Charts!
All 6 of These PPL Students Got Into The Top 200 At The Same Time During Their Launches! #teamwork
Randle Got 'From Wags To Riches' Into The UK Top 10 Charts For Entrepreneurship In The First 48 Hours! 
Kris Ward Hit The Top 10 Charts In The US Entrepreneurship Charts!
Gerry Kirk Outranked Russell Brunson #60!
Jacquie Doucette Is a Top 100 Business Host!
She Grnds + Creative Entrepreneur Blueprint both hit Top 100 In The Marketing Category!
Lori Hit #83 In The Management & Marketing Chart... Check out her 6 month transformation after the Podcast Profit LAB Below
Check-Out Lori's 6 Month Transformation Using The Podcast Profit LAB!

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